Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cardstock clean up

I discovered that the Bazzill card that I was storing in 12 x 12 carry cases was fading around some of the edges of the card, so I've had a change around.
Now all my Bazzill cardstock is in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet out of the light.
Other cardstock, specialty card and card scraps are in the second bottom drawer.
All are easily get attable (great word hey? lol) and now out of the light.
I also have another bookcase in my craft room for my stampin' up stamp sets and these are all stored on their sides.

My sewing cabinet and chair have been relegated to the spare room which I'll make into my sewing room.


Karen said...

Holy Cow Leigh!! I knew you had card stock but didnt know you had THAT MUCH! ROFLOL

It looks great all sorted like that!


Clare said...

What a great idea. I've just noticed that some of my Bazzil has started to fade around the edges.

I need to get myself on a plane and come and play round yours LOL

Jean said...

So glad to see that you have all that precious card stock now out of the light - following our phone chat the other day!! You did well to get it all in the filing drawers!

Hugs, Jean