Thursday, January 8, 2009

Missing in Action

I'm here everyone, but just haven't made anything yet to put on my blog. Sunday I had to work at the Tourist centre in Sarina (volunteer work). Monday was a day in town (Mackay). A huge day. Tuesday I was in town again, not for as long. Came home and tidied the house for my visitors yesterday.
My visitors were a couple of my crafting girlfriends. We had a lovely day, the three of us. I coloured House Mouse images, Fay put together heaps of 3d's and Kerry made some cards using magazine pages she had saved for inspiration. Thinking back, I should have taken some photos. Damm. Oh well next time.
The weather here is humid and raining. Real wet season weather. We had the air con on all day yesterday ├žause once the sun comes out, you can just about see the steam rising from the ground after the rain.
Right, rambled on enough. Hope to be back soon with a couple of photos.

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Scrubbysue said...

Hi Leigh! sounds like you've been busy! glad you have some crafting friends to get together with. That sounds like real fun! I don't really have anyone of my friends that do any crafting unfortunately. We've been getting rainy weather here too today. It's supposed to turn colder tonight. The temp here is slowly dropping. Well, look forward to seeing some pics if you get a chance. TTYL!