Thursday, August 27, 2009


Good afternoon all,
I've been playing with my flowersoft. Love it. The two bicycle cards are toppers that Katy Sue Designs make to compliment Flowersoft, all that has to be done is to add your own flowersoft colours, mat and embellish, voila, you're done. As you can see I've used different colours on both cards and I'm really pleased with them.

The bottom card was an experiment with apeture cards, in this case, holly. Again I'm really happy with the way it came to life especially after adding peel offs and bling. Ignore the bits of green dots, I had already sealed the bag so had to take the photograph through the plastic.

These cards are for Anne's display in her shop. It was quite a challenge because I had to stick to using items that Anne has for sale which restricted me somewhat, being used to having all of my stash at my disposal.

ETA: The Holly leaf card is simple I know, but after listening to customers in Anne's shop one day, there are quite a few people who like simple and this card I know will appeal to quite a few of the older people who make cards and but want to keep expenses down and still be effective.

I have made another flowersoft card for myself and I absolutely love it. Will put that one up later. It has to dry first before I can photograph it.
Still no rain here and with the wind blowing, it's like watching everything go brown to browner before your very eyes. The fog at 5.30 this morning was so thick. Sure sign of a hot day and yep, it's definitely a hot one.
Thanks for looking,


Mandy Schiller said...

Love your bike cards Leigh! They are beautiful! We are having a hot day here as well and yep no sign of rain yet either!!!!


Rose said...

Very pretty! Super cards!

Kylie said...

Very pretty, Leigh!
Love the holly card!

Take Care and keep cool lol,
Kylie X

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous cards Leigh!!! I love flowersoft and love what you have done with it!!!

Karen said...

Leigh - those bike cards are absolutely beautiful!!! The pastel one is my favourite!

Sorry I havent stopped by in a while - no excuse really - just not enough hours in the day sometimes!


Kristy Young said...

WOW the cards look awesome with flower soft!!
Kristy xo

Jean McKenzie said...

Lovely cards Leigh. The Flower Soft makes these two so different. Love the bikes but the holly one is great too and I know it would be even more locely IRL!!!