Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back to the hospital today

Today we had an appointment with the surgeon who operated on Dean's leg. He's very pleased with the way the leg is healing. Thank Goodness. A full fibre glass cast went on today and that will be on for four weeks when we go back again to have another x-ray.
The surgeon showed us today where he had plated and screwed one of the breaks and said the bone had splintered which required a few screws. The other break which he didn't operate on is looking good. Still no weight on the leg for the next four week and when he's sitting, the leg has to be elevated.

I'm trying to get back to feeling my normal self and not so run down.
Thanks so much for all your messages of good will, they are very much appreciated.
I so want to get in and make a card or something but just cannot find the energy to even start.
Not to worry, I'll get there. lol
Until next time.....bye.


Debbie Pamment said...

Am sending you all the cyber energy I can spare - sorry it's not much - LOL
Glad Dean's on the mend - and you'll be feeling your fun silled self again in no time!

Leonie said...

eeek, that sounds awful! Poor bugger (that goes for both of you)

Kim said...

Hey Leigh!

Sorry to hear about your son! Keeping you all in our thoughts! And don't forget to rest yourself!!


Karen said...

Hi Leigh,

Don't stress about not feeling like being crafty - you've had a very stressfull couple of weeks and that would take it's toll on anyone! Your mojo will come back soon, you'll see!

In the mean time just relax a bit if you can. Hope Dean gets on the mend soon!


LaToya said...

Hope things get back to normal for you soon. Make sure you take care of yourself, remember you can't take care of him if you are rundown.

Kerrie's Crafting Corner said...

Awww Leigh... miss you :(

Your poor Ds... been through the wars a bit!!! Hope he starts to feel much better... as for you feet up and rest and I'm sure your mojo will come back hun xxxx

michele said...

Leigh, hope you are feeling better soon and have your energy back. I hope all of your family is doing well and getting through all of this. Life can sure be tough at times, but keep your head up.

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Best wishes, Leigh! Michele x


Oh sweetheart I am so glad to hear Dean is doing alright, big hugs to you at this hard time. Dont be too hard on yourself take some time out you will soon be crafting Hugs M xxx

Scrapping Julie said...

wonderful news. keep on truckin'!!

Liam said...


Glad to hear your son is getting there. Still another four weeks but at least you know that he is improving. I hope you get some time to sit down and relax I know it is easy for me to say but I hope you do get a chance to rest it seems you are getting worn out. Thinking of you