Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Soft Suede Yesteryear

My friend Jan, loves these Yesteryear cards for the males in her family. Here is one that I made several weeks ago. Someone I know said when she was ordering a pack of soft suede that the colour would be perfect with these Stamp It 9up pictures of Yesteryear images. So I filed that away in my mind and pulled out the soft suede when I had to make this card. Well Charmaine was right!!!! Perfect match. So using black as the base and highlight I made this card. Not much to explain except that the greetings label is actually straight on the card. lol
Jan told me yesterday that her grandson who is a teenager thought the card just fantastic and actually asked about who made it and where his Gran had bought it. For a teenager to go into the in's and out's of a card that's given to him is amazing!!
It's wonderful when you get feedback on the cards you make.

I have been missing in action I know, but with some excuse I feel. I purchased a kit from Sharon at No Time To Stamp in the US called K&Co Blue Awning. It includes the 12 x 12 paper pad, co-ordinating ribbons, a pack of Blue Awning Grand Adhesions flowers, pearls and bling to match.
The amount of cards one can get out of a 12 x 12 paper pad is awesome so I have been purchasing extra accessories in the same Blue Awning range as embellishments.
Up to date I have cut 44 card kits out of the papers and cardstock to match all waiting to be put together with embellishments. I'm determined to use as much of the paper as possible.

Then on top of all that, it's school holidays here for two weeks. We are now into the second week and my son has had his girlfriend here to stay since last Thursday. They both have jobs but start and finish at different times so I've been backwards and forwards to Sarina nearly everyday. I don't mind but it does cut into my crafting time. lol

Finally as another addiction, I joined Facebook which I thought I'd never do. So now I'm playing Farm Ville and Farm Town. In between running to Sarina and back, I'm checking that my crops are growing and haven't withered and died ├žause I haven't been able to harvest them. pmsl

Right I'm at the end of my long winded post and now I'm off to check out blogs on my Google Reader. Yep, another addiction. Oh yes, and of course organise breakfast. lol
Have a wonderful day everyone.


Leonie said...

This is gorgeous Lwigh, it does match the soft suede perfectly!

Mandy Schiller said...

Lovely card Leigh! Facebook hey, just another addiction....lol...


Jean McKenzie said...

Yes you are right - that Soft Suede is perfect for these cards! They are such great images that not much more is needed to make up a lovely card with them. Love your card.

Lynette said...

Awesome! And how cool that a teenager cared enough to ask about the making of a card! :) I still refuse to join Facebook, but I can not say I'll NEVER join. LOL!

Debbie Pamment said...

This truly is an AWESOME card Leigh!!!
Boy it's sounds like you've been one busy gal!!! Can't wait to see some of these cards you're putting together - and as for FB - I'm a bejewelled blitz nut - LOL. Look me up!!!

Lisa Somerville said...

Wonderful vintage photo, the black really makes your card pop!

Rica said...

This is fabulous Leigh, what an amazing image.
Love the Kay&Co Blue Awning, it's fabulous, down to my last few bits so can't bear to use it lol.
hugs Heather xx

Nancy (Shady Tree Studio) said...

This is a very classy card ~ love the soft suede with black & the perfect complement to the image, too.

You've been so busy - glad you had time to show us this!!!!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my, I do love this card, and I can tell you right now my husband would love it, too. It's right up his alley. You're so wise to be making up those card kits. Very interesting, as that's something I like to do, also. Usually I'm hurrying from one card to the next, but when I have time, I really enjoy making up the kits. Those packages from Sharon are fabulous! Such a fun project to be collecting accessories to go with it!

KathyJ (Wattle) said...

Hi Leigh - your post brought a smile to my face! I've been avoiding Farmville!!!!! :) Your card is wonderful - perfect match!!! Here's hoping with the school holidays coming to an end that some normalcy will return to our lives!! :)

Alicia said...

Leigh you sound very busy! I cant wait to see what you make with your kit...how about a few pics of progress along the way?
Alicia xx

Cheryl said...

This is beautiful,love the picture and that fabulous new colour!!!