Sunday, June 19, 2011

Explanation and Wedding Cards

Here I am at long last. Now where have I been....well April was a bit of a write off with working around Easter time. Also about that time a friend of mine was coming once a week to my place to make cards, so I was busy doing kits for her to make while she was here. I was doing challenges still but by the end of April I was a bit had it.

The beginning of May saw me in Melbourne at the SU Convention. I went down a few days earlier to do the tourist thing and enjoyed myself immensely.
This year's convention was the BEST!!! We had a fabulous time and I can honestly say this year was the first time that I gained something out of every class, wow and stage demonstration. Absolutely brilliant.
We are all sooooo proud of Kim Gavarra, our team leader for being Number Two SU Demonstator in Australia. Way to go Kim.
It took me a week to get over Melbourne, so tired but this year, not deflated like I've felt after other Conventions, but elated, keen and rejuvenated.
Next year's convention is once again in Canberra.
May also saw the beginning of our cold weather and this year, it is colder than other years because of the real 'wet' season we had.
I started making a few cards but was just enjoying being home for the rest of May.
The beginning of June, Jenny had to go away so I worked again for a few days.
Unfortunately, it also the dreaded flu season too and a couple of weeks ago I came down with a bit of a bug...not really bad thank goodness but still felt blaahhh. lol
I think that's all over now and thankfully am feeling much better.
It was the Queen's birthday weekend on the 11th, 12th & 13th June and my son came up from Toowoomba for a visit. Wonderful to see him but his visit only last a few days ├žause he had to go back to work.
My challenge participation has been lacking but I have been making cards. These two wedding cards were cased from a card that I saw on Julie's blog. Thank you Julie.
Right, I think that's it for an update. I'll be back with more cards that I've made tomorrow.
Take care everyone.


Alicia said...

Stunning cards Leigh! I love them. Time sure flies doesnt it!! Glad you are back in blogging world.
Alicia xx

Cheryl said...

OMG these are STUNNING Leigh and so them!!! Oh how time flies,glad to see you are back!!

Curt in Carmel said...

The wedding cards are lovely. Sounds like you've had quite the few months! Life certainly gets in the way doesn't it? Looking forward to more of your wonderful work. Best, Curt

Leslie Miller said...

Goodness, you came back with some real WOW cards! The flower clusters you made are gorgeous! I can understand about life getting pretty full sometimes. It's good that you took the time you needed for the fun activities. So sorry about the sick part, though.

Alicia said...

Hi Leigh,
I am missing your blog posts...
Just accidentally deleted the comment you left me...and dont know how to get it back! Sorry. I was in the petrol station yesterday afternoon joking around with a few people and we all decided we should move north to escape this cold weather!! However if you guys are cold up there we night need to go to Darwin!!
Alicia xx