Sunday, June 22, 2008

At last!!!

Time has certainly gone by since my last post. I and four other girl friends went to the Scrapbook and Papercraft Convention in Brisbane on the Queen's birthday long weekend, 7th, 8th, 9th June. We all had the best time. Great fun. My stash from that weekend is huuuuuuge. Here's the pics of it all, the 'aerial view'. rofl Karen took this when I had a stash showing at her place last Wednesday. What a wonderful day we had. Thanks Karen.

My other news is that I now have a new car. A Nissan Xtrail, colour Electric Blue. Number plate is LBB, so my OH has come up with 'Leigh's Brrooom Brrooom'. So now it's name is 'Brrooom' rofl. Karen came up with 'Leigh's Blue Baby' which is good too. All of you who know me personally, will I think, reckon that 'Brrooom' is just right for my car.
OK, I'm off, have to work at the Tourist centre this afternoon and at the Post Office in the morning. So hopefully I can get some cards made and my preping done for a workshop after that. Bye.


Kylie said...

Hi Leigh, OMG What a great stash lol! Glad you had a wonderful day, sounds like you had a blast!
You have to post a pic of your new 'Baby' lol!
Look forward to see all the creations made from your new stash!
Have a great week!
Take Care


Debbie M said...


What more can I say LOL

Congrats on the new car! Very exciting!

Debbie M

Clare said...

Oh wow Leigh, I need to get on a plane and come n play round yours LOL

All that yummy yummy stash :o)

Great news about your new car. Have fun driving it !

Kerrie's Crafting Corner said...

OMG Leigh... how much?! Ok right seriously I need to fly over and play with all those yummy stamps... you know how to shop! :)