Monday, June 30, 2008

Pics of my craft room make over

My new drawer units with 2 of my old plastic drawer units on top. Also in picture is my new Mothership. Jean, Karen and I all have these new toys. They are rolling workshop totes nicknamed Motherships. Isn't it cool? It has already had it's inaugural trip when I did Robyn's workshop last Thursday.
My clean and tidy table. It used to be my Nana's dining table and goes back to the 1930's. After the fire, it was restored and is now my craft table. I love it. The top is pine and bottom with the turned legs is silky oak. It's nearly 2 metres long and is just perfect for me.
Picture taken from doorway of my craft room with Larry in the background sitting in front of the mirror on the built in cupboards.
Bookcases behind my computer chair with tablecloth curtains for light and dust protection.
Bookcases with curtains up. Yep, I know, there's quite a few prima flowers etc on the bottom shelf. lol
Thanks for looking.


Karen said...

Wowsers - that is sommmmmmmme room for creating!! I would love a great big huge desk like that - would be awesome to just spread out ect.
Hey Leigh - I am needing a prima flower in a pearesent Lime kinda colour - you reckon you could go through your collection to see if you have one! ROFLOL just kidding!!
You must have every flower they put out in that lot!

Great pics


Jean said...

It is great Leigh to actually see how you have set out your room. Sooo envious of all the room you have and a place to stash everything away neatly!! Thanks for showing us!!


LISA said...

wow leigh your make over looks great, enjoy you new space and do not fill it back up to soon
lily xx

mum-on-the-run said...

Ooh, looks great Leigh!! I like the way you saud "a few" Primas, LOL!!

Kerrie's Crafting Corner said...

wow Leigh... have you a spare room cause I wanna come and play! :)

I love how organised your stash is and I love the table... I wish I had so much space!!

Miss my little SU devil :(

Clare said...

Oh wow I need to come and help you play LOL

Now I can see that you have been a busy crafter.

Take care hun xxx Happy crafting :o)