Monday, September 15, 2008

Lots of cards

Here I am everyone. Feeling better thank goodness, well on the mend anyway I hope.
I've been stitching away madly on cards and here are the results. This one I wanted to use brown and blue so stitched and beaded those colours. Found a ship 3d to put on it and I think it doesn't look too bad. It must be alright 'cause before I could get it into the Tourist centre it was sold. I actually sold 9 of these cards before I'd even finished the inserts. My friends just loved them. I actually think I've missed taking photos of a few but they are along the same lines. The photos aren't crash hot ├žause I was using my phone to take the pics.
Gorgeous little girl fairy.
Yellow rose with stitched embellishment.
Beaded yellow rose. I need to work on the placement of my stitching and beading.
Cuttlebug and 3d zebra. My girlfriend wanted this one for her grandson.
The gold looks lovely with the red rose I think.
I put a bit of bling on this one.
Another red rose.
I love this wedding one. It came together really well with the colours.
Gorgeous birds.
This pretty little one sold as well.
This one is sold. Another friend of mine loved it.
This card used one of the new punches Anne has in her shop now.
This carnation isn't a push out 3d, I had to cut it out but I just love it.
Another punched card with ribbon.
Autumn fairy.
This one has sold too.
More carnations.
This is a pale green card with variegated stitching on it.
Hydrangea card. I had another card similiar to this but again a friend of mine wanted it. lol
Thanks for looking.


Karen said...

ROFLOL!!! Are you showing all these cards so you dont have to post again till new year!

They are all great Leigh - you sure have been a busy girl - way to go! lol


Jean said...

Leigh, yes well you know what I think of these cards from our phone chat - you have been a busy bee - now they are sold, you have to get stitching again!! Love them!!Some of mine are heading your way tomorrow!

Hugs, J

Judy said...

Leigh you are so talented. Where do you find the time to make them and with so much detail in them.

Kylie said...

Hi leigh,
Just stunning, love them all!
Take care XX