Monday, September 29, 2008


I made this card for someone who requested a motorbike card. I think I'm happy with it. The 3d is a Dufex image and they are just beautiful to cut out, just like cutting through butter.
The customer also wanted a blue birthday card and as she had already bought another of the beaded ribbon ones, I made her this one in blue. The paper behind is a Penny Black paper that I've had for ages. Gorgeous.
I've finished nearly 2 dozen more cards so I'll put pics up as soon as I get the photos taken.
Thanks for looking.


Judy said...

Your cards are all so creative. My favorite of the two is the motor bike one, I think that is because my son and husband are into motor bikes. They are great and I can see why they sell like hotcakes.

Karen said...

Hi Leigh!

You have been such a busy girl - good on ya! I am so pleased you are enjoying some cardmaking!

I have maddy sick with vomiting now so I will be busy keeping brock amused and away from her!! Aghhhhhhhhhhhh! lol


Debbie M said...

Hi Leigh - They are both very striking aren't they - epecially the blue one.

Debbie M

Leah said...

Hi Leigh, your stiched card are just beautiful.