Saturday, May 9, 2009

Convention in Canberra

Well at long last here I am. Picked up my computer on Wednesday afternoon. It's brain was faulty....yeah, I know, no smart comments please. pmsl Apparently it's an unusual problem and it would happen to be my computer that it happened too. Oh well, fixed now. Tony had to isolate every component of my computer to find the problem. Too complicated for me.

Now onto other things, this is the first real chance I've had of sitting down and looking at people's blogs, checking emails and uploading the photos I took while I was away, all 552 of them!!!

You may have noticed I've changed the photos on my blog, now you can see me and not a bird!!! Good on ya Debbie and Mandy!!!! lol

I had a ball in Canberra sightseeing and attending SU Convention. In the time I had, Tuesday afternoon 'til Thursday lunchtime, I managed to visit Cockington Green Gardens, Federation Square, the Australian War Memorial, the Royal Australian Mint and the National Museum of Australia. There was so much I could have done but unfortunately I ran out of time. There is definitely another trip to Canberra planned this time taking OH. I certainly am going back to the War Memorial because there was so much to see and I couldn't see it all in the time I had.

Thursday afternoon was spent trying to catch up with Debbie Pamment and after that with Jane wandering around the Canberra Centre, with me knocking over a dummy, Jane throwing her mobile phone away and us trying to catch up with Venessa, Kim and everyone - moving targets. rofl Yep, lots of fun and Jane and I were in stitches laughing. We had drinks and laughs in the restaurant of the Waldorf with Kim, Venessa, Chrissy, Jenny, Alice, Martyn, Debbie, Judy, Brenda and Charlie, then we all went out to Hogs Breath for tea. Sorry if I've missed anyone out in that list, there were so many people to meet.
Convention started on Friday morning and it was full on straight away and continued right through until Saturday evening. It was wonderful to meet people I only knew from my blog and the demo groups. I enjoyed the make and takes. It was great just to sit and have a play. All the talks were very inspiring and I especially loved the general sessions where we saw stamping techs, wows and lots of other things demoed. Wonderful. Shelli's presentation was fantastic.
I also enjoyed Nicki Tidbold's presentation on male stamping because I have a family of males too.
Here's some photos.

Jean my upline and Jane my room mate.

Debbie Pamment and I. This was on the second day and coffee was available, YES!!!!
Great fun to meet you Debbie, another House Mouse lover.

Mandy Schiller and I. It was wonderful to meet Mandy and we had a great time on Thursday night.

The room all dressed up and ready for us!!!
Me on Saturday night, trying to see what I've just taken on my camera. Can you tell what the problem is, yep, no glasses!! rofl
I so much wanted to meet Chris who helped me with sightseeing info for Canberra. We texted each other but then we were straight into the second day of convention and that was it.
So ends convention for another year. All ready for Sydney???
Thanks for looking and I'll be back with my swaps.


Debbie Pamment said...

Fabulous photos Leigh - I still can't believe it's all over - maybe because I'm still playing catch up - LOL! Soooo much fun meeting you and the others - that was the best bit for me!
Catchya in cyberspace.....

Germaine Ferrao -Lenn said...

Wow, love your blog and heard all about your convention in Canberra from Briget Larsen! waiting for ours in Germany! love SU products! Rubber Hugs always!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh
I was disappointed not to be able to catch up with you as well, maybe next year at convention :) Wasn't it just full on! My head is still spinning! So many ideas and things I want to try.
Your swaps are great, so many fantastic designs!
Stay in touch and hopefully we will have that coffee one day :)

Kylie said...

Hi Leigh,
It's so great to 'see' you lol!
I'm so glad you had a wonderful time, I read the excitement in your post!
Sounds and looks like you had a blast lol!

Hope to be there next year!

Take Care,
Kylie XX