Saturday, February 5, 2011

Second English Rose 'Case'.

These are the other two cards I cased using a card by Debbie Olsen, same sketch, different papers. I did use the same nesties in the centre because they looked exactly right. The only thing I didn't do is the stitching around the edge. I do hope Debbie takes my 'casing' as a compliment, her work is beautiful. I certainly cannot do it justice.

With regard to Cyclone Yasi, well Mackay and further south like us here at Koumala, hardly a thing. There certainly wasn't the rain that we were expecting and the wind wasn't as bad as Ului. We didn't lose power, my brother did at Andergrove but as he's had a generator for years now, there wasn't a problem.
Actually we had more wind the next day than the lead up. Today there's been heavy rain on and off all day, one minute sun is out the next it's pouring. Strange thing the weather.
Right off to cook tea.
Thanks for visiting once again.


Kristel said...

That is a gorgeous card Leigh!! Looks great!
Hugs Kristel

Kylie said...

Gorgeous cards Leigh!
Loving that die cut shape and your colours, sooooooo yummy lol!

Take care,
Hugs, Kylie X