Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Learnt heaps at the class I did but sooooo much to take in. I'll stalk the Stampscapes site for a while I think in the hope of consolidating what I learnt. I haven't made any cards since I've been back, which was on Monday arvo. When we called at Bowen on the way home, at one of the roadside stands we bought two boxes of tomatoes, a box of beans, one of onions and heaps of potatoes. The onions and potatoes will keep for a bit, but the beans and tomatoes have to go into the freezer. So that's what I'm doing as well as running my brother around and doing CWA things.
See you when I can get some crafting done. Oh by the way, I did purchase just a 'few' things when I went to one of the local scrapbooking shops. (grin) pmsl

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Liam said...

Hope you enjoyed your trip away.