Sunday, October 18, 2009


The tomatoes are all skinned and cut up ready to go into the freezer as are the beans. I've run out of containers so have to wait for the first lot to freeze before going any further. At least the hard yakka is done though.

The weekend away in Townsville was primarily to attend a Stampscapes class with Jeanette Trappett from The Stamp Trap. After buying some of the unmounted sets in June while I was in Brisbane, I was really keen to do the class. I made enquiries and found that a Townsville class was being offered. Woo Hoo, I was in!! lol It was a fabulous class and I enjoyed it immensely. Sooooo much to take in though. Plenty of practice needed before I can show you any cards.

Off to work at the Tourist Centre this arvo. Yep, it will be hot, windy, dry and dusty. I had someone ask me what the Tourist Centre is......The proper name for it is the Sarina Tourist, Art and Craft centre. It's manned by volunteers and the arts and crafts are handmade by artists and crafters. That's who mainly mans it, the artists and crafters who sell their work there. Also most importantly for the region, it is a Tourist Information centre displaying the blue "I" for information which is recognised as the place for tourists to get up to date information for their holiday locally or if they are travelling further north or south.
Mmmmm bit of an involved explanation..sorry.

Anyway, I'm having withdrawal symptons from not having any time to make cards so here's hoping tomorrow will see a new card on this blog.
Bye for now.


Pat (mspfd) said...

Sometimes, I think it's important to take a break from stamping to attend to other things. Helps to keep us from burning out! Can't wait to see all your new creations.

KathyJ (Wattle) said...

Sounds like you have been one busy lady Leigh!!! The class sounds like fun though and hope to see some creations from you soon!!! :)

Debbie Pamment said...

You have certainly been a busy girl!!! Look forward to seeing your stampscapes!!

Lynette said...

Ooooh, a Stampscapes class - can't wait to see what you do with them!!

Janet said...

Hey Leigh:

I'm glad you got the tomatoes finished - I used to can and freeze vegetables when I was growing up and remember that it was a lot of work but well worth it when it came time to eat them.

Thanks for explaining the Tourist Centre - it is a little bit like what we have here in SC during November called the Crafter's Show - it is a lot of fun.

Be safe and enjoy the time there. Can't wait to see more cards soon.


Louise Sutton said...

Sounds like you are inspired and raring to get stamping! Hope you get a chance to get inky fingers soon.

Rica said...

Glad you enjoyed your class Leigh.
The Tourist Centre sound like a great place to work - do you manage to get any crafting done whilst you're there or are you too busy?
hugs Heather xx

Kylie said...

Hi Leigh,
Sounds like you have been a busy little bee lol!
Looking forward to seeing projects from your class!

Take Care,
Kylie X